Restoring the past… preserving the future

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Grove Heritage Association
restoring the past…preserving the future

The Grove Heritage Association (GHA) is a grassroots organization focused on developing the ecological, historical, and educational values of The Grove by working with the Glenview Park District, other organizations, residents, and supporters. GHA’s primary objectives are to continue to preserve the National Historic Landmark status of the Grove and actively seek gifts and monies for the improvement and expansion of The Grove and its programs. In so doing, we are restoring the past…preserving the future of The Grove.

Over the years, Grove Heritage Association membership dollars, donations, and support of special events have provided funding which has allowed The Grove and GHA to complete the following projects:

  • Purchase and restoration of 71 acres of land contiguous to the original 81 acre site; 152 acres encompass The Grove.
  • Construction of:
    • Kennicott House summer kitchen
    • The Grove Schoolhouse
    • Interpretive Center
    • Greenhouse and Blacksmith Shop
    • Archives Building and an addition
    • Open-Pavilion and Carriage House adjacent to the Redfield Estate.
  • Restoration projects for:
    • The Kennicott House
    • Redfield Estate
    • Interpretive Center
    • Memorial gardens, native areas, and prairie.
  • Development of the Robert Kennicott and Dr. John A. Kennicott Exhibits, featured in The Archives Building.
  • Installation of a Trail Marker Tree Sculpture and seven historical markers, which provide visitors information about the historic significance of the site they are viewing.
  • Production of a video, “Grow Your Memory of The Grove,” which portrays the importance of The Grove and the memories it elicits.

In addition, GHA has donated thousands of volunteer hours.